Quit Smoking

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Everyone starts smoking for different reasons.  While choosing to stop is the first step…. accomplishing this can be a challenge.  This is because habits are held within the subconscious part of the brain.  This powerful part of your brain makes up around 88% of your mind and so although we may believe consciously, we have control over our habits, we actually don’t.

A recent study showed that of over 72,000 people found that hypnosis for smoking…. Or not smoking is three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy, and 15 times more effective than attempting to quit using just willpower alone.  When it comes to smoking our subconscious mind holds a powerful belief structure to maintain our perceived rewards for keeping this habit in place.  It can associate the short-term buzz as a positive release even though consciously you know deep down that you are poisoning yourself by smoking.  This can leave you feeling powerless to stop because your subconscious mind associates smoking with positive reward.  This can also lead to negative feelings about yourself…. feelings of frustration, guilt and sometimes even shame.


How can hypnotherapy help?


Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective because it talks directly to the subconscious mind, reprogramming how your brain understands smoking, taking away any perceived rewards and replacing them with a clear understanding of the real and negative effects it has on the body.

This method will change how you see and feel about smoking for life.


We are all unique and have different personalities, genetics, self-beliefs and life stories and this has all made up who you are and where you are today…. That’s why, here at emergence hypnotherapy your individuality is celebrated, and your session will be personal to you.  We will work together with the clear understanding that you will be a better, healthier version of you.


Smoking cessation is usually a one-off session.  Although prior to that I request that we have an initial consultation, this will allow us to establish your own personal reasons for smoking…. And more importantly your reasons for NOT smoking, I will then personalise your session specific to you.

Cost: £120.00

NB. You may be thinking hmm that’s a lot, but let’s say you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and let’s say the average pack of 20 costs £10.50.  So, my fee actually equates to approximately 12 packets of cigarettes.  So, lets just think about that for a minute…. If you HAD a 20 a day habit, in just one year you would be saving, not only your health but £3,832.00!