Fears and Phobias

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Are your fears excessive?  Phobias can make daily living problematic and exhausting.  So much time and energy can be spent avoiding the source of and the triggers to the phobia that you miss out on life itself.


What is a phobia?


A phobia is characterised by an extreme or irrational fear of an animal, object, place or situation and is very common.  In the UK alone, an estimated 10 million people have a phobia to some degree.  Phobias are more than simple fears, however; they can completely dominate the life of an individual who reorganises their whole life around avoiding the thing they are afraid of.  The very thought of encountering the ‘thing’ in question or even seeing it in a book or on the television will lead to intense feelings of anxiety and can lead to the individual suffering from panic attacks.  In more complex phobias such as agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and social phobias, the individual may find it very difficult to lead a normal life, as these situations are not easily avoided. 


How can hypnotherapy help?


When it comes to fears and phobias, nothing works quite as quickly, kindly or effectively as hypnotherapy.  Together we can explore the cause and the triggers to your specific phobia. 


Examples of causes of phobia:

  • Your phobia may be the product of severe stress

  • Your phobia may be the product of a series of experiences occurring over a period of years, which have built up into an excessive anxiety

  • Your phobia could have been transmitted to you from a significant person often in childhood.

  • Your phobia may be the result of a severe past trauma.


Getting rid of your Phobia


Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool in ridding you of your specific phobia, we will work together to decide on the best course of action for you personally.  The way that you experience your phobia is unique to you…. therefore your therapy will be unique to you too. 


Options may include:


  • Identifying the specific event that caused the fear and sever your emotional ties to it.

  • Confront your fear while experiencing it as a nonthreatening experience.

  • Increase your self confidence.

  • Re-programme your subconscious, by using positive posthypnotic suggestions in regard to your specific fear.

Whichever method we decide, it will always be in a safe and comfortable environment, please don’t worry…. you will never be made to do or experience anything that you don’t want to.