About Sarah Jayne

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My credentials:

Aim awards level 3 certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills (Hyp CS)

Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society (MHS)

Member of the Hypnotherapy Directory.

Accredited register member.

 This has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and has been set up by the government to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public.

Safeguarding of Children (Child protection) level 2 (VTQ)

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) level 2 (VTQ)

Equality and diversity

Data protection and GDPR level 2 (VTQ)

First Aid including CPR & De Fib.

I am highly invested in continuing my professional development.

I have full professional insurance.

Hello, and well done for taking the first steps in improving your life.  You are probably feeling a bit lost right now…. I know, I’ve been there, but let me help you a little.  I have discovered that two of the most vital ingredients required for therapy to be successful, for whatever issue, is the relationship that you have with your chosen therapist and YOUR desire to change.  You see, therapy is a partnership; there needs to be mutual respect, trust and openness, and together we can work through whatever you feel is impacting on your quality of life.

Despite my accumulated knowledge of evidence-based approaches, YOU are the expert on being you and I will be there to guide you, you will learn to tap into your internal resources and to stop living your life by default and start to  live it by your own design.  As a dynamic, creative and interrogative therapist, I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, I am fully aware that how you ‘do’ your problem or issue is entirely unique to you, therefore, how we resolve it will be as equally unique and it is always my privilege to both facilitate and bear witness to this process.

I believe passionately in the power of hypnotherapy to achieve anything and everything to unlock long held thoughts and beliefs which slow and ultimately prevent our progress.  It is our minds which will either help or hinder us on our journey through life.

You will benefit most from my approach if you appreciate an interactive therapist.  I will question, challenge and cheer you on.  You will know that I am on your side, listening to what you truly want for yourself.  We will find a way to explore it and agree on how we will work together to both know when you are well on your way to achieving your desired goal.


Some examples of the benefits that you will experience by working with me may include:


  • The ability to manage your thoughts and feelings.


  • Freedom from anxiety and stress that’s been weighing you down and/or impacting your goals, directly or indirectly.


  • Positive self-image.


  • Increased motivation to pursue your goals and take action to achieve them.


  • Increased confidence in your ability to make changes that YOU want.


  • To effectively manage future challenges.


  • A feeling of pride and accomplishment as you face your fears and see your positive progress.


  • Learn to not take life too seriously, have fun and learn to laugh again.


About Hypnotherapy


If you are new to hypnotherapy then please don’t worry, there really is nothing to worry about.  Put simply it is really no different than a guided meditation.  The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that you will experience an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation, this will allow you to access your subconscious.  This is where all your memories, self- beliefs, ideas and all the things that you’ve ever heard, seen and experienced consciously throughout your life are stored.  You may have consciously forgotten them, but they are still there, deep within you.

It is interesting to learn that our powerful subconscious mind takes up around 88% of our brain, and although consciously we feel that we have control over our thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears and habits…. We actually don’t.  It is useful to think of our subconscious mind as our internal programming…. or hidden files, they are there, but we are not consciously aware of them, therefore we cannot alter them.

By using hypnotherapy these internal ‘programmes’ can be easily accessed, and the reasons why you have certain behaviours, habits or ways of thinking and feeling can be unraveled, explored and dealt with, it’s your subconscious’ job to protect you, but in reality negative subconscious beliefs can have a debilitating effect on your life as a whole, impacting  your confidence, self- esteem, life choices, and your innate ability to make the same mistakes over and over again. 

So, its up to you to sit in the driving seat and start telling your subconscious what ‘program’ you really want it to ‘run’.  Hypnotherapy is the best tool that you can find to help you in this process.  By using the power of positive suggestion, neurol pathways can be effectively overwritten to produce a more acceptable and positive response to situations that were previously hard to deal with or caused a negative response.  It is important to understand that you can never be ‘made’ to do or say anything that you either don’t agree with or feel is morally wrong.  You are always in control.  You will feel very relaxed and you will hear everything that I say….  I am simply there to guide you.

Now, I find it important to be very clear about what hypnotherapy isn’t or cannot do for you in order to avoid any disappointment.  There is no magic involved, seriously, change only happens if you do your part of the deal.  If you live a lie and are not honest with yourself, or the therapist you are only wasting your precious time, and money.  If you are open and willing to share your true- self, then progress can and will be made.  Therapy isn’t like chatting to a supposed friend or colleague over coffee, or indeed your family and loved ones, you have no need to worry about upsetting anyone or letting them know your perceived weaknesses or them breaking your confidence.  I will fully respect your honesty and I will always welcome it, but, if you are in any doubt then please bear in mind that all therapists are required by their governing bodies to adhere to a strict code of ethics, which can be found at nationalhypnotherapysociety.org/aboutus/code-of-ethics


A typical hypnotherapy session


The first session offers a warm and friendly welcome.  It is a valuable opportunity for us to meet and chat, to discuss your issue and the changes that you would like to make, your hopes for the future and your ultimate goal.  This first meeting is often very productive and establishes a good framework for me to formulate a program of hypnotherapy tailored specifically to you.  If time allows then I will introduce you to the benefits of hypnotherapy by conducting a PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) which will not only deeply relax you but will dispel any pre-conceived ideas that you may have about ‘the trance state’.

Clients often find that this initial meeting can promote a real sense of comfort and optimism.  They leave, usually with a feeling of either calmness or excitement.  The following sessions will begin with a chat about how you’ve been feeling, what progress has been made and then we move on to the hypnotherapy itself.  I will then ask for feedback, we will then agree a suitable plan for the next session, if required or wanted.  It is important to note, that hypnotherapy will only work if YOU want it to, if you are doing it for somebody else’s benefit or because they require change then the results will or can be limited.